The Sumara Family
A journey of immigrants from the Moravia region of what is today the Czech Republic, the Sumara family sailed from Liverpool UK onboard the S.S. Ionian, arriving at the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Christmas Eve, 1904. They joined a wave of European immigrants searching for a new beginning in a promising new land.  Working in the coal mines of Sydney and Springhill, the Sumara family settled in Cumberland County near Oxford. This family was no different than other immigrant families... joy and sorrow, successes and setbacks, new lives and forgotten memories. Two sons were lost, one in each of the World Wars. Children were lost to accident and illness, parents to age and the struggle to raise a family in a new land. The Sumara family represents a very small portion of Canada's immigrant population, now in its fifth generation, with only a handful spread out across the country.
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World War I Private Albin Joseph Sumara KIA 28 August 1918, France
World War II Private Albin Frank Sumara KIA 1 November 1944, Belgium